Top shopping malls in Karachi

Top shopping malls in Karachi

Karachi being the 12th largest city in the world, Can’t be without having some of the most amusing shopping malls. Karachi is home to some shopping malls which are in class by itself, offering both international brands as well as local.

Whether you want to look for brilliant products for gifts or go around food courts in which you can eat delicious food or just hang out with your friends. These malls will truly satisfy your needs.

Here is a list for top shopping malls for top notch shopping experience


  1. Dolmen mall

 Located at the shore of iconic sea view beach of Karachi is a very famous mall. Offering brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, khaadi and more. This surely explains why this mall has a rush hour all year.

If you’re a foodie, this mall is the best for you

Besides offering the major brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, OPTP, it’s also home to the local cuisine.

If you’re worried about car parking, this mall has a spacious underground parking, free of cost, with traffic lights to help you with navigation.

If you want a relaxed, free of trouble shopping experience then this is a must visit.

  1. Ocean mall

Situated near the iconic do talwar, this shopping mall hosts an entertaining shopping experience. Having 28 floors, this mall has a serene and clear view for you to enjoy. This mall also has a cinema, a trampoline park and many more entertaining recreational platforms. This shopping mall isn’t at all going to give you a shopping experience less than its competitors. Hosting brands such as bonanza, Almirah, diners and more. Equipped with sufficient underground car parking.

 This shopping mall is definitely a visit if you want a fun, entertaining shopping experience.

  1. The forum

Located near Ocean mall, this mall has surely given competition to its rival. Whether you’re searching for clothing or jewelry, this shopping mall has got you covered.

Offering brands such as Levis, Nike, Hang ten, Dockers and the list goes on. This shopping mall offers floors specifically for offices besides shopping floors

If you want a shopping experience that includes festivals and shows, this mall is definitely for you.

  1. Lucky one mall

This mall is located in the heart of Karachi. Being one of the largest malls in the city. This mall clearly lives up to its reputation. This shopping mall is beneficial for a relaxing and family experience as it offers female mosques, restrooms, free wheelchairs and many more hospitality features.

Besides its hospitality, this shopping mall offers health and Wellness Avenue, banking enclave, food court and much more.

This shopping mall is a host to new brands for you to enjoy. This shopping mall is home to the largest Carrefour in Pakistan.

If you want a shopping experience with an open air Food Street this shopping mall is definitely awaiting you.

  1. Atrium mall

This shopping mall is located in the middle of saddar. Home to a well renowned cinema, for you to enjoy the shopping experience with entertainment.

This shopping mall has more than 100 outlets for you to pick your favorite designer wear.

Besides its variety of clothing outlets, this shopping mall also has a food court for you to end a busy shopping day with delicious food.

In conclusion Karachi should not only be called city of lights but also as a city with great shopping malls

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