The traditional drink of Karachi.


The dahi based drink which is popularly known as lassi. Mostly originated in the Indian  subcontinent. Lassi is based on blended yogurt, water, spices, and some fruits. The drug is  infused in lassi called the bhang. There are some classes are like milkshakes like mango and sweet  lassi


A mixture of ground pulses and cereals in the form of powder is called is mainly used in  summer so that the body keeps hydrated.

Doodh Soda

It’s a very refreshing drink. To make doodh soda, have A glass full of doodh and pour some  sprite in it and then some ice and some sugar according to your taste then blend. Then Here you  go.

Sugar cane juice

Sugarcane juice comes from the fresh sugarcane mashed in the machine and then from the  other side you can have the fresh juice and it can keep you fresh from the burning sun rise. 5.


If you are from Karachi then you are definitely a tea lover. Summer or winter, autumn or spring  tea is always the most favorite drink of all time. During day or night, tea is the most relaxing way  to calm yourself and is quick relief from headaches too

Rabri dhoodh

Easy to make by boiling the milk until it changes its color to pale yellow or off white and then  you can add spices, nuts, and sugar. And Rabri is the main ingredient added to make Rabri  doodh. And it’s a theory’s finest drink.

Tarbooz -e-Afza

It’s a summer drink. You can enjoy this drink in the summer and you can also give it to  your children. It’s very healthy for them also.

Badam ka Sharbat

It’s available in the market as well but trying to make it at home it’s more fun. Get some almonds  to soak in the water for the whole night then cook them up with some sugar, spices, elaichi.  Your badam juice is prepared.

Mango Sharbat

It’s the most favorite drink of all people. Everybody loves mango shakes, mango lasses and we

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