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My name is Rabia I am call girl in Karachi I have been working here for 3 years Before that, I was working in Islamabad and I did not understand the work there So then I will become an escort in Karachi. My habit is to dance, listen to songs and go to parties My education is up to class 14 And I also do modeling in Part time And so many Pakistani dramas I have made. Working As a Escort is my passion, it fulfills my needs and fulfills my passion I enjoy having sex Like, Anal Sex, Kissing, Blow Job, Hand Job, Fucking Pussy etc. This hobby of mine is fulfilled, but now I will still do this work because I am starting to enjoy this work.

Most importantly, it fulfills my every need And all my customers so far have been very good, took good care of me and still visit me That’s why I also give them all kinds of fun and don’t let them have any complaints. I am a very good friend, if someone befriends me, I never leave him alone. And most of all, I am happy because I got rid of my modeling because I was in a lot of trouble. Now here I am working with VIP Call Girls Karachi, so I have got all the facilities from here, that’s why I am very happy. And I don’t work 24 hours only at night so book me at night to meet me. I also smoke sometimes whoever met me wanted to know about me so that there is no Problem. I have a lot of love and desire to have sex in the washroom and kitchen I want to have sex with my customers like a real porn star…. Cheers Babes.

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