A travel guide for Karachi

A travel guide for Karachi

A travel guide for Karachi

Karachi is located at the very end of Sind after which the Arabian Sea begins. The location offers the city to hold great cultural and economic importance which attracts many tourists.

(The beaches)

Karachi is famous for its sandy beaches. The coastline gives Karachi diverse beach options ranging from the turtle beach to sand spit and many more. The do Daria which has a variety of uniquely designed by the shore restaurants give a wonderful experience of the sea too.


(The historical buildings)


Karachi holds a great cultural heritage. The buildings built by the British are still there for history lovers to experience a touch of legacy. TDF gear offers a great opportunity to see before partition house set ups. There is a heritage walk too that takes you to a walk through old buildings with great stories. The National Mausoleum, Quaid e Azam’s house, Frere hall, Mahatma Palace and Empress Market are among many famous historical buildings.


(The museums)


Karachi has a diverse range of museums. Airforce and navy museums have a good display of military equipment and beautiful lawns. The State Bank Museum displays the history of currency since the partition till the present day. Quaid house, Mahatma Palace and Sindh wildlife museum also serve as museums. TDF magnificence center is a unique science museum.


(The food)


Karachi has a wide range of cuisines for very diverse taste buds. The burns road is famous for its street food while do darya holds great value for its fine dining by the crashing waves. The Seaview also has a range of restaurants. Port grand is equally famous for wide variety of food availability and a great experience at the port. Boat basin can also offer you good quality breakfast options.


(The malls)


If you come to Karachi then you definitely have to shop. Major imports are brought to this city. Tariq road is famous for its wide variety of shopping options. The whole road has shops by its side. Karachi has many big malls and among them dolmen mall, lucky one and millennium mall are very famous. Ocean, forum and atrium mall also have good shopping options. Zainab market is famous for its low priced good quality shopping experience. There are many pop up markets on special days for very cheap shopping.


(The cinemas and theatres)


Karachi has many good standard cinemas which are family friendly. The options include duplex, Cineplex and many more.

The gold standard experience at the cinemas is remarkably wonderful hence highly recommended. The arts council of Karachi holds many theatres. One can experience a great play performance for a very cheap price.



If you are a tourist in this bustling city we would recommend the food and the museums of this city which take you on a trip down the rich culture and history of Karachi. The beach experience is equally good if you take a trip with WWF among the mangroves or watch turtles at the turtle beach. Have fun.

Call Girls In The Humsun Suites Karachi

Call Girls In The Humsun Suites Karachi

Call Girls In The Humsun Suites Karachi

Humsun Suites Karachi is located near the airport in PECHS district of Karachi which is an elite class area. The suites have garden and terrace making them look beautiful. All the suites are provided with high speed Wi-Fi and 24 hours room service. Front desk is open 24 hours and currency exchange is also available for the guests. Some rooms are provided with small kitchen, microwave and fridge. English or Irish breakfast is served complementary. The delicious food is served to the guests with hospitality and respect. The hygienic conditions are ideal in the kitchen. There are many facilities provided by the management such as free parking, housekeeping, laundry, dry cleaning and ironing. The staff is hospitable and follow all the rules efficiently. All the suites are fully air-conditioned and have a good decoration. There are non-smoking rooms, family rooms and soundproof rooms as well. For the safety measures, fire extinguishers are fixed all around. Security is really strict and CCTV cameras are functioning everywhere. All these security measures assure your safety. The management respects your privacy and confidentiality is valuable here. It is the best place to come to have fun with your chosen girl among the best call girls in Karachi.

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 For the outcall escort service, one can invite the call girls at Humsun Suites Karachi. The place is safe to spend time with her and enjoy more. The best escort service agency in Karachi gives you the opportunity to hire your favorite call girls for perfect enjoyment in economic budget easily without getting anxious about the money. The call girl will not disappoint you with her service and her treatment will be memorable for you whether it is a trip, massage or a sexual encounter with her.

Movenpick Hotel Karachi

Movenpick Hotel Karachi

Movenpick Hotel Karachi

The Movenpick Hotel Karachi is well known internationally for the hospitality and best facilities in the city. It is near the airport for the convenience of travelers and has the event facilities for up to thousand guests. There are 407 rooms and luxurious suites with five restaurants serving the taste of perfect culinary expertise. All the rooms are provided with controlled air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, minibar, eco-friendly bathroom amenities, work desk, LCD TV and free Wi-Fi access.

The outdoor heated swimming pool is the best to dive in for a while. The floodlight tennis court is the favorite section of the hotel for the sporty fellows. All the fitness freaks hit the health club inside including a sauna, gym, steaming room, Jacuzzi and massage facilities for the stress release.

 The gourmet shop offers mouth watering snacks with delicious desserts. Five restaurants including The Pakistani, Lotus Court, Al-Bustan, Kabab-Ji Restaurant, La Mamma and Famous Lounge in the hotel serve the best food from different parts of the world. This vast variety of food is hard to find in the city of Karachi. Hotel Movenpick has maintained international standards of service thus has a reputable image internationally.

Do Escorts Always Have Sex With You?

Do Escorts Always Have Sex With You?

Do Escorts Always Have Sex With You?

All the human beings have inbuilt feelings to be with a companion to have all the fun of life along with the  physical intimacy. The companion I a term used for a true partner who is side by side with you in all of your favorite activities. Either it is your favorite restaurant, your favorite sports club, favorite water park or any other entertaining place, your partner is always with you. If you are sad, you can put your head on the shoulder of your partner or can put your head in the lap of your partner. A companion is really a blessing to have to share everything without being judged. For the release of your stress, your partner can play a great role.

 People often do not understand the term escort and its true meaning. An escort is a person who can be with you as your true companion and a best friend. An escort can go with you at any of your picnic, family gatherings, friends party, business trip, favorite sports activities, dream destination, concert of your favorite artist, favorite historical places, beach or any other place to have fun with her.

 There is a misconception among the people about the escort services. People usually think that escorts are only to have sex with and physical activities are the only service provided by the escorts. Other than that, you can go on a date or have an erotic massage by an escort for deep pleasure but this is not true. Escorts provide sex services when asked. They can be very relaxing for your disturbed mental health by caressing fingers on your bare skin. Being wrapped in the arms of a beautiful angel, you can forget all of your worries. A hard-core sex encounter with the sizzling hot escort can be very therapeutic for anyone.

 The best escorts in Karachi are the gorgeous and smart girls with deep passion for their work. They are friendly to make their clients feel very comfortable. To be wild in bed, these amazing girls know all the tricks to give you excitement and enjoyment. Their mischievousness creates a blissful teasing sensation. These gorgeous girls are very humble and gentle with their clients and give them a beautiful experience with them and best sex in life. These young escorts in Karachi are experienced and professional with and it is clearly visible in their work.

 Escorts have sex with the clients if they want to. Otherwise, the clients can ask for other activities too such as picnic, parties, events and any other enjoyment. After a heartbreak, one can hire an escort to forget the toxic relationship of past. The depression can be cured by having deep conversations with an escort as a best friend, as these girls are able to be a great listener. Thus, escorts do not always have sex with their clients as the escort services includes a long list of activities and facilities provided by the girls.

Hot Young Escorts In Karachi To Make Your Taste Buds Go Crazy

Hot Young Escorts In Karachi To Make Your Taste Buds Go Crazy

Hot Young Escorts In Karachi To Make Your Taste Buds Go Crazy

When you love alone, there are many reasons to be sad like you do not share your daily experience with someone, you eat and sleep alone which is very saddening, you come back home after work and have no welcome at home, there is no one you can tell about your favorite things or favorite hobbies, you cannot even visit your favorite restaurant or a favorites picnic spot because you are single. Or you have a family in Karachi but you are not getting the love what you deserve and need and just working constantly under stressful conditions. Or when you visit a big city like Karachi, you cannot enjoy the perfect places in the city if you are alone and there is nobody to take to the places and roam in the city. Or you are tired of your monotonous life with the same work routine.

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The hot young escorts in Karachi give you the opportunity to enjoy every inch of them slowly and gently with love. The beautiful girls take care of personal hygiene and maintain such hygienic conditions that no one can avoid to look forward to kiss their every inch and lick out them with that thirsty but craving tongue. Escort Service Karachi is not just for the elite class. The best escort agency in Karachi is able to provide the perfect service by the perfect ladies within your economic budget.

Hotel Inn

Hotel Inn

Hotel Inn

Not very famous with its name maybe but people stayed here are really very satisfied with the services of Hotel Inn Karachi. The beautiful hotel is perfectly built with modern architecture and decorated with the luxurious furniture. All the rooms are perfect with the decor. 24/7 free room service is available for all the rooms. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned and free Wi-Fi is for the convenience of guests. Rooms have all the necessities and facilities. The hotel management is really concerned about the comfort of guests so they are responding to your every complaint, though it is rare in this perfect service.
The breakfast is served free of charge by the hotel. The food is delicious and served with the courteous manner by the most hospitable staff. Swimming pool is the favourite place for kids and all the swimmers. The fitness freaks look forward to the well equipped gym in the hotel. The beautiful gardens are very relaxing and enjoyable. This is the perfect place to stay with your hottest escort in Karachi and make love with the beautiful lady. Everyone will be thankful to you for taking them to this luxurious place to stay comfortably.

Happy New Year In Karachi

Happy New Year In Karachi

Happy New Year In Karachi

As new year is a time to celebrate with at a place that has something to offer you. The best way to celebrate is to check if the celebration is of your own choice or not. Some people like loud music and some like quite places to enjoy at. Some like to drink and some love to be sober, some even want to celebrate in their own room alone but some are really welcoming for a huge crowd. The best celebration is what makes you happy whether it is a book, a TV show, a bike ride or a loud party for which Karachi is famous about.
The best place to celebrate New year is Karachi as it has a vast range of places to visit and enjoy lavish parties. Karachi has a wide range of restaurants which are licensed to offer booze and you can surely celebrate your new year there with your favourite glass. These places include Avari Towers, Pearl Continental hotel, Cafe Aylanto, Cote Rotie, Marriott hotel, Movenpick etc. These places are best for your new year party. For more fun, these places serve the most delicious cuisines in the city. People throw lavish parties at these places which are really enjoyable.
For beach lovers, there are many beaches in Karachi to celebrate the best parties for new year. You can organise your party at any beach with the best facilities. These beautiful beaches include Hawke’s bay beach, Clifton beach, Sandspit beach, Manora beach, French beach, Sea View beach, Paradise Point beach etc. These beaches are beautifully decorated on new year night and the new year celebration is outstanding there. People who are party animals, often look for the disco clubs with colours, music and wine. Karachi satisfies every soul and has really amazing clubs in the city for the best new year celebrations.
Some people really like to enjoy in a room with closed doors with the person of their choice. Best way to celebrate new year for them is to hire an escort of their wish. Karachi Escort Service is here with its wide range of escort services that are really helpful for the clients. The organisation has made such categories of escorts with specialities to please the clients. These best escorts in Karachi are ready to celebrate the new year with their ethereal beauty and sensational activities. Their naughty tricks will remain in your mind forever as a memory of that new year night.
The best escort agency in Karachi brings you the most beautiful escorts in Karachi to celebrate your big bash new year and spend the new year night in a lap of beautiful lady with deep passion. These young escorts in Karachi are able to make you feel the warmth of that night even after years as they are addicting and charming. No need to worry if you are short of money as cheap escort agency in Karachi has set the price low for the best service with moderate budget.

Are You Interested In Duo Escorts?

Are You Interested In Duo Escorts?

Are You Interested In Duo Escorts?

After a long period of time running towards the goals and aims or in any stress and tension, a men wants to relax for some time with a girl so beautiful and pretty that she can easily make him happy and delighted. When the needs are high, the idea to have more fun at the same time comes to mind automatically. Double fun is priority for every man around with high expectations and sexual needs. Dual package of entertainment would be great for your craving soul wants to relax, enjoy and be satisfied with the hottest girls.

 Time spent with two ladies can be more memorable than one as two heads are better than one in any case. Male fantasies have no limits and threesome is one of a men’s fantasy he wants to live. Duo escorts Karachi make your fantasy real by giving you amazing sex encounter with the great service. A great threesome can make the fun double as the one girl is not enough to grab it all. These hot duo escorts are well coordinated with each other to provide the best escort service in Karachi to make all the clients addicted to the fullest pleasure of this amazing opportunity.

 The young escorts in Karachi are offering the best duo escort services by a coordinated work and a heavenly experience will be provided to the clients. These call girls are well trained to provide you a good service with low budget and they can manage it by themselves to make you lick and get licked at the same time. You can have all the pleasures of sexual activities at one time with these best duo escorts. The ladies are so experienced that they know all the secrets of your body and all the keys to unlock them with love.

 Full service escorts in Karachi provide you all the sex services without any hesitation and limitations. You can surely be feel like the richest man in the whole world by being in the arms of best duo escorts in Karachi while one making you please with her hands and one with her sweet lips. The erotic threesome begins with a sensual foreplay and leads to the astonishing world of sexual desires and fantasies. You can feel amazing by seeing all your fantasies getting done in front of your eyes with the most beautiful duo escorts in Karachi.

 These hottest duo escorts in Karachi are ready to give you everything with a big smile on their pretty face and glow on their appealing body. These best duo escorts in Karachi are really capable to give you the best memories of your life to make you feel delighted even after years of this sexual encounter. The best escort service is not so far as you can get yourself a beautiful gift by hiring these sexy duo escorts in Karachi. Rates are set low for the convenience and ease of everyone by cheap Karachi Escort Service.

The traditional drink of Karachi

The traditional drink of Karachi.


The dahi based drink which is popularly known as lassi. Mostly originated in the Indian  subcontinent. Lassi is based on blended yogurt, water, spices, and some fruits. The drug is  infused in lassi called the bhang. There are some classes are like milkshakes like mango and sweet  lassi


A mixture of ground pulses and cereals in the form of powder is called is mainly used in  summer so that the body keeps hydrated.

Doodh Soda

It’s a very refreshing drink. To make doodh soda, have A glass full of doodh and pour some  sprite in it and then some ice and some sugar according to your taste then blend. Then Here you  go.

Sugar cane juice

Sugarcane juice comes from the fresh sugarcane mashed in the machine and then from the  other side you can have the fresh juice and it can keep you fresh from the burning sun rise. 5.


If you are from Karachi then you are definitely a tea lover. Summer or winter, autumn or spring  tea is always the most favorite drink of all time. During day or night, tea is the most relaxing way  to calm yourself and is quick relief from headaches too

Rabri dhoodh

Easy to make by boiling the milk until it changes its color to pale yellow or off white and then  you can add spices, nuts, and sugar. And Rabri is the main ingredient added to make Rabri  doodh. And it’s a theory’s finest drink.

Tarbooz -e-Afza

It’s a summer drink. You can enjoy this drink in the summer and you can also give it to  your children. It’s very healthy for them also.

Badam ka Sharbat

It’s available in the market as well but trying to make it at home it’s more fun. Get some almonds  to soak in the water for the whole night then cook them up with some sugar, spices, elaichi.  Your badam juice is prepared.

Mango Sharbat

It’s the most favorite drink of all people. Everybody loves mango shakes, mango lasses and we

Body to Body Massage Karachi Escort Shehnaz

Body to Body Massage Karachi Escort Shehnaz

Hi companion, it’s consistently a delight to see you on the pages of Girls escort Karachi, the authority page of the best Karachi escort organization ever. I’m Daiana, the General Manager of the office, and my responsibility is to recruit new young ladies, handle the appointments and ensure that every one of the customers will get a five star Karachi escort administration each and every time. I likewise make the additional Karachi escort benefits that permit you to customize your Karachi escort experience each and every evening.

Today I have one of my customary gatherings with one of my best Karachi escort darlings, the exquisite escort Shehnaz. Shehnaz is a young woman with large tits, 1,000,000 dollar grin, and the ideal disposition for this work. She is the escort of the month, and I can’t be more joyful with her work. She is a back rub fan, and assuming you need an ideal back rub, she is the best young lady for you.

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