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Best Anal Sex Escort Karachi

Best Anal Sex Escort Karachi

Sex is a need that every human being should have on a regular basis. In fact, experts have conducted a variety of tests and studies to confirm that a person should live a sexual life. The whole concept of sex is not about hitting or indulging. It’s about reaching out to your partner and yourself in many ways.Another type of orgasm – Many women experience intense orgasms from anal sex. We cannot fully explain why. We know there are thousands or more nerve endings in the anus, but there are more of them in the vagina and clitoris. So if you are currently experiencing an orgasm from regular vaginal sex, you may find anal sex more enjoyable.

The weird factor – Another very attractive aspect of anal sex is the “weird factor” or the taboo about things that “shouldn’t” be done. Breaking the taboo can be very fun and a play in itself. Many people don’t see it that way, but if you can see it, it’s just another reason to have anal sex with your man.Replacement – vaginal sex is often out of the question. You may not want to have it if you are on your period. You may have a urinary tract infection that you don’t want to get worse. You may even be sore from a previous session. That’s when anal sex becomes the perfect backup plan.

What many people don’t realize is that before indulging in this type of sex, you really have to stimulate the area properly so that it doesn’t hurt during penetration. In order to do this, have different types of anal play using sex toys such as dildos, anal rings or fingers. Even lubricants are useful to help you get the best anal sex experience.

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