A travel guide for Karachi

A travel guide for Karachi

Karachi is located at the very end of Sind after which the Arabian Sea begins. The location offers the city to hold great cultural and economic importance which attracts many tourists.

(The beaches)

Karachi is famous for its sandy beaches. The coastline gives Karachi diverse beach options ranging from the turtle beach to sand spit and many more. The do Daria which has a variety of uniquely designed by the shore restaurants give a wonderful experience of the sea too.


(The historical buildings)


Karachi holds a great cultural heritage. The buildings built by the British are still there for history lovers to experience a touch of legacy. TDF gear offers a great opportunity to see before partition house set ups. There is a heritage walk too that takes you to a walk through old buildings with great stories. The National Mausoleum, Quaid e Azam’s house, Frere hall, Mahatma Palace and Empress Market are among many famous historical buildings.


(The museums)


Karachi has a diverse range of museums. Airforce and navy museums have a good display of military equipment and beautiful lawns. The State Bank Museum displays the history of currency since the partition till the present day. Quaid house, Mahatma Palace and Sindh wildlife museum also serve as museums. TDF magnificence center is a unique science museum.


(The food)


Karachi has a wide range of cuisines for very diverse taste buds. The burns road is famous for its street food while do darya holds great value for its fine dining by the crashing waves. The Seaview also has a range of restaurants. Port grand is equally famous for wide variety of food availability and a great experience at the port. Boat basin can also offer you good quality breakfast options.


(The malls)


If you come to Karachi then you definitely have to shop. Major imports are brought to this city. Tariq road is famous for its wide variety of shopping options. The whole road has shops by its side. Karachi has many big malls and among them dolmen mall, lucky one and millennium mall are very famous. Ocean, forum and atrium mall also have good shopping options. Zainab market is famous for its low priced good quality shopping experience. There are many pop up markets on special days for very cheap shopping.


(The cinemas and theatres)


Karachi has many good standard cinemas which are family friendly. The options include duplex, Cineplex and many more.

The gold standard experience at the cinemas is remarkably wonderful hence highly recommended. The arts council of Karachi holds many theatres. One can experience a great play performance for a very cheap price.



If you are a tourist in this bustling city we would recommend the food and the museums of this city which take you on a trip down the rich culture and history of Karachi. The beach experience is equally good if you take a trip with WWF among the mangroves or watch turtles at the turtle beach. Have fun.

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