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Vip Callgirls in Karachi

Escort Karachi. Karachi is a city with a lot of wonders and a lot of beauty. From the seaside to their beautiful call girls Karachi, everything seems perfect. 

People often visit Karachi for business or to visit its beautiful sea. While it is beautiful, people can often feel lonely staying alone in the hotel rooms without company of any friend or partner.
We fill that gap by providing top escort in Karachi

We make sure that no visitor in Karachi is alone or feels left out on their trip. With our beautiful and sexy Escorts in Karachi, call girls in Karachi. you can have a companion, a friend and a slut that follows you around everywhere that you want.

While you can find prostitutes easily in a big city, not every call girl Karachi is going to be worth your time. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and make you feel fulfilled instead of making you feel disgusted after you cum in a girl with a weird body and unpleasing face.

Here are some of the qualities that you can expect from our girls when you hire our services. The Best Escort service in Karachi.

Young Escort Karachi

Our Best Young call girl in Karachi. Having a girl is not enough, it has to be absolutely perfect according to your needs. our Escort Karachi Old girls often have saggy bodies and are not as entertaining as young Escorts in Karachi.

 While hiring, we make sure that every girl is of perfect age so they can pleasure our clients the way they want them to. Most of our girls are still students trying to find their sexuality in the mean time, providing the time of their lives to all our clients. 

They are talkative and can hold a conversation instead of being in the prostitution for just money.

 All of our girls are chosen perfectly so you can use them as you please while they still have the bodies of a gazelle and wouldn’t mind giving you all of themselves.

Quality time Escort Karachi

When you hire a call girl in Karachi, all you are looking forward to is a quality and sexy time instead of listening to their problems.

 Our girls offer you quality time for the money that you spend on them. They can seduce you by just talking and can get you to climax within a few minutes. They know how to help you last longer so you can maximum pleasure and will learn your turn on and offs quickly. 

You can indulge in deep conversations with them or make them stay on you cock all day and night for as long as you have hired them. They have been trained to never say no to their client and offer them the best service possible in the whole Karachi.

 You can take them to spend some time in the outdoors or head straight to the bedroom to get to the business.

Stylish Escort Karachi

All our girls are modern and know how to dress up for the clients. Instead of having to stick with some illiterate whores which are only offering you their pussy, our girls offer you a whole package.

 They are dressed to please and have the model looks. You can dress our young pretty girls anyway that you want and they won’t shy away from it.


 A lot of people like to have our escorts Karachi instead of having girlfriends as they offer more and are the best looking in the whole Karachi. No need to go to a brothel to just get a few minutes of sex when you can have a fulfilling experience anywhere you want with our girls delivered to your doorstep.

Sexy bodies

Our girls have the perfect sexy bodies that you can ask for. With perky breasts to lifted butts, whatever your kink is, our girls have got it.

 The slim figures with big thighs and big breasts can make you go crazy and make you see heaven on earth itself. There are different kinds of girls with different kinds of bodies available.

 You can tell us before what kind of a girl you are looking for and we will deliver that to you. We have also uploaded pictures of our models so you can choose from them. 

They have their different measurements available as well, so you know what you are going to get once you hire a girl from us.

Kinky experiences

While most of the guys are only into blowjobs and the regular sex, some of them have experienced other things as well that they find pleasurable. 

Some of the guys are into roleplaying with them and acting like they are someone else while other are more interested in getting rim jobs so they can experience the tongues of girls where they never did before. Our girls don’t shy away from any kind of kink and make sure that you get what you want.

 You can make them watch some live porn with you to learn new thing to try with them and whatever you are trying to get these girls to do, they will do it and obey you.

24/7 experience

There is no specific time to pleasure yourself, so we provide girls 24/7. You can give us a call in the middle of the day or at midnight and we will deliver you a girl wherever you are staying.

The independent girls don’t create a fuss about anything and are available at any time of the day or night that you want them. We make sure that no man in Karachi feels left out and never feels lonely at their own home or in a hotel room. 

Whether your family just went out for a day or you want to make your business trip more about your business, then we are here to provide for your needs. we are best Escort agency in Karachi Pakistan Open 24 hours.

How do I Find Reputable Escort in Karachi

Karachi is not an ordinary place to visit as it has a charming effect on everyone. This place has so much to offer you to enjoy and have fun. When someone visits a new place, hesitation is a necessary part, one must be confused about every new thing around.

There are many reasons to be in Karachi for perfect holidays as there are many historical places, best serving restaurants, amusement parks, disco clubs and bars for your enjoyment. People often look forward to the opposite gender for the best relaxation in a new city.

To hire an escort in a new city would be great for your time pass as the escorts are good companion for travelling

Karachi Escort Service solves your issue by providing the VIP escorts in Karachi to you without any scam and inconvenience. The reputable escorts are famous for their beauty and perfect heroin looks, they are often fashion models and very sober.

 They are educated and know how to behave in any function. These VIP call girl in Karachi are well trained to be obedient and respectful towards their clients.

These hot escorts in Karachi are ready to take any orders from their clients as their only intention is to make them feel comfortable and delighted by the service provided. In any of your party or other event, these best escorts in Karachi are ready to go along as your perfect partner. These beauties know their assignment really well and know exactly what to do and when to do.

You can be very friendly with these reputable escorts in Karachi as they are really friendly by nature. These young escorts in Karachi are ready for you always with their broad smile and open arms to take you to heaven. Their courteous and professional behavior is spiced up with their mischievous tricks and naughtiness.

These best escorts in Karachi have perfect combination of beauty with brain as they know how to behave in public and how to unlock your deepest pleasure behind the closed doors. The organization has planned many categories regarding your convenience such as incall, outcall, CIM, COF, BDSM, GFE and many more for you to explore.

The Best escort agency in Karachi has only one motive that is to give you the best escort service in Karachi to always remember. The reputable escorts in Karachi are having great passion for their clients and give the perfect amount of attention. 

They take care of every desire of their clients with love and affection. It is now easy to find a reputable escort in Karachi with the best escort agency in Karachi which brings you the most beautiful escorts. You can now have extreme fun in low budget as the cheap escort agency in Karachi has set the price moderate

port grand Karachi
Arena Club Karsaz
Port Grand
Arena Club Karsaz

Karachi is a beautiful coastal city where people are privileged to have a phenomenal view of coastal line and luminous food streets make them look exceptionally good. The beautiful sun rise and sun set scenes are amazing to see when you want to take some time off from your stressful life. One can forget all of the worries of life when experience the cool breeze on the seaside.

Port Grand Karachi is a recreational area along the waterfront of ancient native jetty bridge in Karachi. Native jetty bridge connects the Karachi Port Trust to Keemari. Port Grand Karachi is just like a food street and a hub of dining, shopping recreational and cultural activities. The area spreads over 40000 sq. ft. For kiosks and 11 restaurants of delicious cuisines whether Pakistani or Western and also a wide variety of beverages. The speedboat rides are also provided by the management to take the passengers to China creek and see the mangroves plants there. Entertainment there is guaranteed and especially when you take your hot escort in Karachi with you. For perfect enjoyment in Karachi, the best place is Port Grand where you can eat the variety of food and see the beauty of nature.

People often come to Karachi with zero knowledge of the city and never be able to explore the city at its best. To have fun in Karachi, one should definitely gather all the information about the entertainment places in Karachi as Karachi has a lot of places for your enjoyment. Arena family recreational and sports complex is a place you must have to visit once at least to see what it offers. Wonderful ice deck is best for your ice skating experience in Karachi along with the exciting bowling alley which is famous by Arena Club.

 Themed buffet restaurant in Arena Club is something that everyone craves for because of the deliciousness of food served here. For different occasions, there is a banquet with beautiful decoration. There are many games in Arena Club for young and adults both. You can also have gymnasium membership in Arena Club to keep yourself fit. When you want to hangout with your best escort in Karachi, do not waste more time to visit Arena Club. It is the best place to have fun with family and friends and also a good place to visit with the kids in very affordable rates.

Marina Club
Pakistan Maritime Museum
Marina Club
Pakistan Maritime Museum

When people visit Karachi, they always crave to visit a beach and enjoy at the seashore. Defence authority Marina Club has a large range of entertainment for the visitors. The restaurant serves a vast variety of deliciously hot Pakistani, Chinese and Continental cuisines with perfection in every aspect. The chefs will please you with their tasty food for sure. Party boats of Marina Club are their pride and it is their best service for the guests. 

Dining at the beach is a unique experience and one can definitely enjoy more while eating and seeing the beautiful view of Gizri Creek. Sea sprite and executive party boats are amazing to ride on. Both the boats are decorated with the beautiful and comfortable furniture and other accessories for your luxurious stay and perfect enjoyment.

 These boats are well equipped with every necessity and the rent is very affordable. Karachi is the best city to enjoy with the best escort service to escape from your daily life and the beautiful moments spent with the hottest escort will be memorable and soothing. The rates are set reasonable for everyone to have more fun with your beloved ones either it is your family, friends or your partner.

Museums are loved by all the history lovers and people really enjoy seeing the ancient stuff. To see an object and its historical value is exceptional and gives the best feeling. Museums keep the heritage of a nation safe and the glory visible.

 The beauty of museum is that people get to know more about the country, its history and its culture. Pakistan Maritime Museum is a very popular place in Karachi and it is the best place to explore the wonderful history of Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. The scientific gallery is amazing to see and everyone enjoys watching the wonders of science.

 Vintage equipment and aircrafts make the place more interesting and attractive. Pakistan Navy Gallery and Karachi Harbour Gallery can really be a great part of your visit. The grassy lawns and library is also there for you. Beautiful aquariums and a large submarine is the center of attraction.

 The place is capable of making anyone interested to visit. The companionship of the best escort in Karachi will double your enjoyment at Maritime Museum Karachi. Aircrafts and submarines are majorly the interests of kids thus one can visit the place with family and children for fun.

Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel
Rani Empire Farmhouse
Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel
Rani Empire Farmhouse

Hotels in Karachi are very popular for the facilities and luxuries. There is a vast range of 5stars and 3stars for the travellers. The facilities provided by these hotels make them famous among the visitors and tourists. Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel is a famous luxurious hotel in Karachi which is the first choice of people coming from overseas and other cities in Pakistan.

 The onsite parking system is very up to date. All the rooms and comfortable suites are provided with high speed internet connection and other necessities. Buffet breakfast is served free for all the guests. The delicious meals served by the restaurant will be very satisfying for your taste buds. The hotel has its own private bar for your perfect enjoyment. The outdoor pool is loved by everyone who loves to dive in. Security is strict and follows high standards.

 This is the best place to stay with your beautiful and gorgeous escort in Karachi as the hotel knows the value of your secrecy. All the luxuries with a perfect partner will surely be more enjoyable. The hotel is affordable among all the others and the fun is also doubled.

People in Karachi are always ready to have fun and the luxurious city has a lot of beautiful places with the best view and affordable rates. A farmhouse can be a good place to enjoy with your beloved ones as it has fresh environment and many more enjoyable activities. Rani Empire Farmhouse in Karachi is the best known for its best location and specious area. 

The largest farmhouse in Karachi has lots of entertainment for the guests. Its boom boom cricket ground was inaugurated by Shahid Khan Afridi for the excellence. A large swimming pool with clean blue water is something that everyone wants to swim in. The blue water shines in the moonlight and the attractiveness is increased.

 The security system is really satisfying and the villa is air conditioned with many indoor activities. Rani Empire Farmhouse is popular for its impressive range of exotic animals including Bengal tiger, Ostriches, Pony horses, Spotted deer, Llamas and many more.

 9 holes golf course is also available for the guests. The place is really relaxing if you visit with your best escort in Karachi and spend the most beautiful time with her and enjoy more in less amount.

Karachi Club Annexe
Royal Rodale Club
Karachi Club Annexe
Royal Rodale Club

Karachi has a mixed plate of entertainment for its visitors as the city is so big that it has all kinds of people with different choices and has to offer variety of entertainment for them. In Karachi, there are many sports clubs with perfect gaming facilities and other clubs with many other particular offerings of them.

  Karachi Club Annexe has a centrally air-conditioned building with clean flooring and a hospitable reception. A spacious lobby provides a large walking area and the TV lounge keeps everyone aware. National and international events take place in the billiard room. There is also a large banquet hall frequently used for many events.

 The place provides underground car parking for almost 500 vehicles at a time and a large auditorium with the huge capacity of 2000 people. The modern kitchen is well equipped for the feeding purpose of almost 1000 people a day.

 Many sports activities are available at the club with cultural events and championships. If you want to take your hot escort in Karachi to a place where you both can enjoy some sports time together or a cultural festival, the place has no comparison with any other place in Karachi.

People in Karachi are warm-hearted and enthusiastic in nature. The adventurous nature of them compels the authorities to provide the places with a full package of entertainment for the citizens. There are many sports and recreational clubs built in Karachi with the up to the mark sports facilities. 

Monotonous life makes us all dull and we all want to go to have some fun. Royal Rodale Club is an elite sports and recreational complex built ideally away from the chaotic city life and its noisy environment.

 Royal Rodale Club is a place where you find the lost serenity and peace of your mind as it is away from the polluted atmosphere of the city. Gymnasium is well equipped for your fitness goals. For the fun loving people, bowling alley, snooker, billiard, table tennis and many other facilities are available.

 Swimming pool is the center of attraction of the swimmers. Many social and corporate events take place at Royal Rodale Club. If you are alone and bored, hire the best escort in Karachi and explore the wonderful places in the city with her. This wonderful place is light on your pocket and can give you a lot of entertainment within your range.

Chatterbox Cafe
Cafeela Restaurant
Chatterbox Cafe
Cafeela Restaurant

Karachi is the place of hospitality. The food served in Karachi has its own charm and popularity among the people. The city has a long chain of cafes with the best services and calming environment. If tired from the home or office, one can sit in a cafe to complete his work with a peaceful mind.

  Chatterbox Cafe in Karachi is famous for its lovely decoration and contemporary environment. A corner area is decorated with various books to encourage the reading habit among young and adults both. A very comfortable environment is maintained at the cafe. You can have a cosy breakfast, lunch or dinner with your friends, family or your colleagues. Otherwise one can enjoy his favourite coffee or dessert after work.

 If your hired hottest escort in Karachi wants to have an erotic dinner with you at a beautiful site, cafe chatterbox is the best option. Neither the service of the best escort in Karachi nor the service of the best café in Karachi will disappoint you by their perfect treatment. The menu is versatile and has everything from a casual meal to just munching items at very affordable rates in Karachi with the obedient staff and good management.

People of Karachi has a great taste and best choice in food. The range in food is expected to be wide and versatility is a must for the people of Karachi. There are many restaurants in Karachi with a huge range in food but Cafeela Restaurant has many different options such as Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Seafood. 

The restaurant has a wide variety in starters including chaat, dahi barey, malai boti etc. The sizzling BBQ in the restaurant has its own charm and people crave for it just by the smell of smoke in the air. Chicken shawarma is a tasty variety in the restaurant and the delicious desserts are kheer and Cafeela’s fruit chaat. 

The best restaurant in Karachi offer online services and one can order his tasty food at home or office both within a very short period of time in very affordable rates. When you want to have a delicious meal of versatile cuisines with the best escort in Karachi of your choice, Cafeela Restaurant should be your first priority.

 The restaurant is the best combination of perfect environment with the perfect taste in the city. The staff members are hospitable and the service is incredible.

Mövenpick Hotel Karachi
Hotel Mehran Karachi
Mövenpick Hotel Karachi
Hotel Mehran Karachi

At Movenpick Hotel Karachi, look forward to amenities such as complimentary airport shuttle, an on-site golf course, and a coffee shop/café. Pamper yourself well in the sauna or steam bath and enjoyed a massage.

 Movenpick Hotel Karachi number of floors of 9 and Total rooms 407. Each room is furnished with satellite Stations showing multi language programs. Social distancing Contactless check out, Protective shield in place at main contact areas, Guests rooms kept vacant for 72 hours between stays Social distancing measures in place.

 Try not to leave prior to visiting the well-known Jinnah Global Air terminal. Rated with 4 stars, this superior property offered guest access to massage, a restaurant and a hot tub. 

Those looking for a bite to eat and want to stay nearby need look no further than Movenpick Hotel Karachi on site restaurant, ideally available for dinner every day. A buffet breakfast is served every morning.

Hotel Mehran Karachi provide a relaxing environment in Karachi. It also offers a 24-hours business center, beauty center and executive floor. 

Free confidential stopping is accessible, and the property offers a chargeable air terminal transport. Continental and breakfast option are available each morning at the hotel. 

Main Amenities, Daily maid service, free airport shuttle Fitness facilities, a 24hours room service, Coffer bar/café, 24-hours business center, Conference center, 9 meeting rooms, 24-hours reception, Computer station, Safe at the reception. 

The hotel has 182 rooms, each providing all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay.

 Hotel Mehran Karachi is under 35 minutes’ drive from Jinnah International Airport. Airport shuttle service is also available upon request.

Hotel Crown Inn Karachi
Avari Towers Karachi
Hotel Crown Inn Karachi
Avari Towers Karachi

There are 5 rooms available for you in the hotel Crown Inn Karachi. Guest can select from different room type: twin, double.

We offered a wide range of air conditioning, mini bar, safety deposit box, flat screen TV, free toiletries, clothes rack, and dining table. Hotel Crown Inn Karachi also offers many facility to make your stay in Karachi more enjoyable.

The hotel offered access to a vast array of service, including 24-hours room service, free WIFI in all rooms, 24-hours security, shrine, convenience store. You will have a private room with all hotel amenities.

Several different cleaning methods are listed in this establishment. The housing is disinfected. Free self-parking & valet parking spaces. A reception area, computer station and ballroom.

All 190 rooms have thoughtful touches like 24-hours room service and fireplaces, as well as premium bedding and pillow menus. All rooms have free wireless internet access while rooms include laser printer. Lady Avari Caters to all lady travels provider additional facility to meet their needs.

Asian restaurants serve Chinese dishes. Serving American, Middle Eastern, Pakistani and British cuisine, Nadia Café is approximately 18 minutes away. The hotel offers an express check-in and check-out feature and an airport shuttle in addition to an hourly reception.

This property is a guest’s favorite and highly recommended by couple. Avari Tower Hotel Karachi offers a variety of room type and flexible booking terms.

Karachi Marriott Hotel
Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi
Karachi Marriott Hotel
Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi

Karachi Marriott Hotel 5-star hotel offer modern and luxury rooms with flat-screen cable TV. Karachi Marriott Hotel is located at 9 Abdullah Haroon Road just 2.3 km from the center. The hotel is part of the Marriott Hotel and resorts hotel chain.

Karachi Marriott Hotel total number of rooms 217 with free best speed WIFI in all rooms. The hotel enjoy excellent access to and from all directions.

It offered an array of service, including an executive level with private lounge, 24-hours business center, 24-hours room service, health clubs, outdoor swimming pool & spa. Stay connected with complimentary WIFI in public areas, and take advantage of amenities such as a coffee shop/café and a hair salon.

Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi General Amenities Dry cleaning and laundry service, Daily newspaper in lobby, Laundry room, Elevator and lift on property, ATM and banking on site.

The 5-star Pearl Continental Hotel is located in the commercial heart of south central Karachi & offered great and modern luxury room with free WIFI in all rooms. 24-hours front desk disabled access, WIFI in public area, valet parking, car parking are to your disposal.

While not forgetting that Karachi is the city of dreams, a fully enveloped sensory roller coaster ride that delights and inspires you at the same time. If you want more, don’t hesitate to ask that frond desk, we are always ready to accommodate you.

Beach Luxury Hotel
Excelsior Hotel Karachi
Beach Luxury Hotel
Excelsior Hotel Karachi

Some rooms have a seating areas where you can relaxing. Some units offer sea or garden views.

All room are equipped with a private bathrooms. Our best amenities WIFI in lobby, WIFI in all rooms, Best pool, Relaxing Spa, Parking, A/C, Restaurant, Gym. Our Best room facilities Air conditioning, Balcony (upon inquiry), Electric Kettle, Free WIFI (all rooms), Ironing board, Open able window, Safe, Sitting area, Television. Tourists can select one of the hotel 10 rooms for a comfortable stay.

Our single room price for 1 day Rs: 12673/ Double Room price Rs: 14007/. Stay connected with free WIFI in room and enjoy the facilities like bar.

The hotel has family room. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with a desk, kettle, fridge, minibar, safe box, flat-screen TV & private bathrooms with shower. Hotel details Laundry, Restaurant, Room service, Airport Transportation.

 The rooms at Excelsior Hotel Karachi included bed linen and towels. When you plan to travel to Pakistan, remember that accommodation is very important. Excelsior Hotel Karachi is located in Sarwar Shaheed Road & is a good place to stay. 

The nearest Airport is Jinnah International, 15 km from the accommodation, & the company offered a paid airport shuttle service. Most popular facility Parking lot, Baggage storage, 24/7 services, Food/Drinks, Shuttle, Laundry, TV and free Wi-Fi in all rooms and lobby.

Crown Inn Hotel Karachi
Hill Top Hotel Karachi
Crown Inn Hotel Karachi
Hill Top Hotel Karachi

Crown Inn Hotel Karachi Amenities 24/7 room service, 24/7 hour front desk, Gifts shop, Refrigerator, Restaurant, Airport Transportation. Each rooms comes with a private bathroom. Extra included bathrobes, slippers and free toiletries.

 Crown Inn Hotel Karachi dinner item, Bar BQ, Chinese foods, Sandwiches, Starter, Fast Food, Pakistani Foods, Sides and Beverages. Friendly staff, excellent facilities and proximity to all that Karachi has to offer are to top three reasons why you should stay at Crown Inn Hotel Karachi. 

The lodging is home to an eatery and a bar/relax. To satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, order from 24/7 room service, get a quick me up at the coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the complimentary daily manager reception.

Hill Top Hotel Karachi offers air-conditioned rooms with satellite flat-screen TV in the PECHS district of Karachi. Hill Top Hotel highlights, Free WIFI in all rooms and public area, Onsite dining, Free Parking, Business Center.

 Hill Top Hotel Karachi 3-Star hotel connected to the convention center in PECHS. Enjoy thoughtful amenities such as complimentary wireless internet access, tour/ticket assistance, and a ballroom. Parking & Transportation free self-parking on site, 24-hours roundtrip airport shuttle (surcharge), Area shuttle (surcharge). 

We will be happy to accommodate you with fist-class facilities and quality services.

Dolmen mall Clifton
Dolmen mall Clifton

One huge structure of the busiest mall located in kheyaban e roomi, Ghizri road , Sindh, Pakistan is the
forum mall. Designed by a very famous architect Habib Fida who has remembered every single touch of
defining it for people looking at their needs. It is established in 1984 and has a charm of its success.
It consists of the showrooms offices gift shops food and beverage outlets departmental stores and a huge
number of branded shops . Under this one roof you will get the entire household needs and groceries, meat,
cosmetics, electronics pharmaceuticals, dining experiences and a lot more. People of Karachi visit this mall
to fulfil their daily needs. This mall is also known for a lot of entertainment functions and loads of programs
are celebrated on its floor. People visit, they get entertained by the shows and have food plus refreshments at
cafés where fast food, Continental Pakistani and Chinese cuisines are served.
Adding up for a travellers comfort the timing of mall opening are Friday to Thursday 11AM to 11PM. The
mall closes with a footfall of around 6000+ customers everyday. The forum mall completes the word Karachi
and makes life easier for the natives of the city.

Dolmen mall which is situated at Clifton hits to be One of the most prestigious malls Offering a huge variety
of services i.e shopping food daily needs and entertainment, it Greet you with luxurious environment,
delicious dining and high end fashion outlets to economic stores. Dolmen mall has a lot of international
stores and a whole number of 130 stores are put off under one roof in the area of 600,000 ft.² dolmen mall is
a three level shopping mall .
Dolmen mall under one roof has the currency exchange offices , department stores, hypermarket ,dining food
court, electronic ,mobiles and computers ,entertainment ,fashion for children ,fashion for men and women
fashion textile it even has the flower shops, foot wear, health and beauty ,perfume ,cosmetic shops ,home

furnishing ,carpets , jewelry and watches luggage ,a full on standard pharmacy ,books cards stationery and
toys shops.
This high class building has set standards of the city up to the line and it has been providing International
standard facilities for people of Karachi.
Dolmen Mall is considered to be Pakistan’s first luxury standard shopping mall. Dolmen mall has been an
attraction for foreigners and people of other cities of Pakistan. Highly recommended to visit.


An ideal place of business stated at the famous Tariq road. it is a complete shopping bay for all those who
want to shop under one roof. It has enough underground parking for customers and visitors. Lavish mall has
been a hub of entertainment for many shows like jeeto Karachi, mostly organized on the floor of lavish mall.
Lavish mall mostly consist of women’s clothing, the bridal dresses handbags ,clutch bags ,shoes jewelry,
Abaya shops and much more. It has a good area to shop and has from international to local brands of
shopping under one floor. The clutches and bags are of a huge variety here and you can have good brand
replicas here too. Those who can’t afford huge brands can easily adjust their hand on the local products here.
One can very economically find an expensive bridal dress design easily in a very reasonable price here.
Shops in lavish Mall can let you rent the bridal dresses for a day or so too. Lavish mall has food courts
which consist of local to international franchises. It serves good food for its visitors and the crowd is always
busy in dining and shopping here.
Lavish Mall is mostly open on weekdays and closed on Sunday. It has economic products and people who
want to buy low-budget products lavish mall is the right place for them.

Counted as the oldest and the finest food streets of Karachi Burns Road is very much known for its delicious
food it’s traditional presentation and cherry topping with a few very famous signatures such as “burns Road
ka kebab” Malik nihari, Delhi rabri, agha’s sajji and al naz biryani.
Known for the spices and sweets Burns Road is always crowded with people because it’s food is economic
delicious traditional and has a great touch of spice and sweets.
Those who has already visited Burns Road food Street knows very well how it feels when one speaks about
it. Sitting far away it activates ones taste buds.
Just in recent days the street has been renovated bye local government now it has become more attractive as
it’s gaining peoples attraction.
It is so crowded in evenings and late hours That one would not recommend to take this vehicle on burns
The street define is the actual meaning of traditional desi food.

In the days of Ramadan Burns Road offered a very quick service of suhoor and iftar. Burns Road food Street
is highly recommended for those who can handle spices traditional oily food and those who can handle
sitting In crowded open noisy streets, sharing tables and people passing by.

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